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Here you can find our latest news regarding our project.

The server opened February 1st 2021.

Register from here:

Check out this video for step by step instructions on how to sign up and get in game!

Download the Client, install and join the adventure!

- Server Maintenance every Monday 2:00 PM (CET/GMT+1)
- Daily GM Events from our Staff in-game
- All official and weekly updates informations are located in our Discord: <- please create link so ppl click and go to that link and not have to copy, same for other links

- Looking for help? let us know through our Discord by contacting the MuG4L Staff or directly the server admins, alternatively you can contact us through facebook
- We are looking for Staff in our server, Game Masters, Moderators, Designers and more, contact us through Discord or facebook if you are interested.

We want to welcome every newcomer to our server and looking forward to grow together!

MuG4L Staff Team

Today the VIP Benefits were activated for RoM. You can find them Here, on the VIP Signup Page.

We have added versatility! Unlike before, the new VIP program can work in 7 day terms, instead of only 30! For now we have enabled 7/14 days as the options will be updated within this time!

Once VIP is activated, it may not be modified until expiry.  This will probably be changed in a future modification, as we enhance the existing framework. If you experience problems with your VIP, as always feel free to Contact Us for Help!


G4L Staff Team

Welcome to Stripe!

We have heard from several players that PayPal is not supported for sending Payments in their country. broken heart

Problem solved!heart

Thanks to our friends at Stripe, we are now able to accept Credit Cards from 135 Countries Worldwide, some of which we were previously unable to service.


Welcome to!

With this new, fully featured website, we enter into a new Era of G4L Quality of Life.

Please check out our Games, and sign up now to get in on the fun!